We are kansai university student. Our life is writen here!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

☆Farewell Party☆

Hello!! I'm Bob.
Today, I held farewell party for my friend who have worked with.
Both she and I are 20 years old.
I go to college, whike she goes to junior college.
So she will graduate two months later and she will quit the supermarket.
I will miss her.
But I can meet her, because her house is near my house.
Mabey I go to her house later.

Coming of Age Day

Hello!! I'm Bob.
I'm 20 years old now.

I went to the ceremony in Amagasaki on Coming of Age Day.
Most girls wore long-sleeved kimono.
Single womens are only allowed to wear long-sleeved kimono.
And boys wore suit and hakama.
I like wathching a variety of kimono.
I took pictures with my friends.

After the ceremony, I ate out Japanese food with my parents, grand parents, brother and aunt.
It was very delicious.

And I went to alumni meeting. I met lots of my old friends. I spent very happy time.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

It snowed today!!

Hi☆ I'm Tom!!
In Hiroshima of my hometown, it snowed today!!!
Snow is piled up in a road and slips very much.
For snow, cars do not often work in an uphill slope of a mountain.
Taxies cannot come.
Buses cannot run on time.
A train does not run in neighborhood of my house.
When it snows, I am very inconvenient!!
Because my house is surrounded at mountains, temperature lowers from a town.
It is very cold(>_<)!!
I wish that spring comes early!!


Happy Late New Year!!
I'm Tom☆
How did you spend New Year holidays?
Did you eat osechi and rice cakes(餅)?
I ate♪ And I visited to Gokoku Shrine in Hiroshima.
I wish that it be a good year this year☆☆

Last month, I heard the news that my friend made a traffic accident!!
Because contacting him was not produced after the accident, I was anxious about him.
However, there was communication from him and was able to meet him today!
I was relieved to hear from him that it was not a great injury very much.
He seems to have bought a new car recently.
He looked very glad, but I am anxious about his causing a traffic accident again...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

driving school

Good evening.I'm pom.
Now,I go to driving school!!
Driving is very difficult for me...
The other day,I took an examination in temporary driver's licence.
Coming my turn to drive,I was under extreme tension.
Remarkably,I could drive without failure. So far,so good.....
But!!!!!When I arrived crank cource, I made a fatal mistake.
My car bump along the pole!!!(;_;)
Until now,I have not ever bumped along the pole once.
It's misfortune to make a mistake for the first time in this examination.
Properly,I failed an examination.
I cannot get over the shock.(>_<。)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hello!! I'm Bob.

I cooked yakimeshi and potato salad last Saturday.
I live with my parents.
So my mother cooks andI don't cook many times.
But I had to cook for me and my brother that day, bucause my mother and father ate out.
I'm good at cooking yakimeshi, cuury and nikugyaga.
All of them are easy ti cook(* _ * ;)

Any way, what kinds of food are you good at cooking?

Monday, December 11, 2006

My pen-friend

Hi☆ I'm Tom.
Did you write a letter recently?
Today, I wrote a letter to my friend, Kayo.
She lives in Hiroshima.
I met her for the first time when I was 5 years old.
Thereafter I don't meet her, but I correspond with her.
It is the 15th year this year.
We put a photograph in a letter and send to understand each other's faces even if we cannot meet.
We talk about anything with a letter.
For example, dreams and worries.
We support each other's dreams and share worries.

Last month, I went to Hiroshima to go to a school festival of my friend's university.
Then!! I met Kayo accidentally!!!!!!!
We were really surprised!
Because it was 14,5 years since last meeting.
I was very glad that I was able to meet her again.
We intend to continue corresponding from now on.
She is my important friend☆☆

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nabe Party!!

Good evening. I'm Pom.
Recently,I feel the wind becoming colder increasingly.
I hate going out of futon everymorning...(>o<;)
But this season has a certain pleasure!!!
It's a food!!!especially NABE!!!(^▽^)
An ice day,I invite friends to my house and hold a Nabe party.
Nabe party is very pleasant.
I'ts very warm and very delicious!
I recommend everyone to hold a Nabe party.

My New Cousin

Hello!! I'm Bob.
Today, I have a happy news that my new cousin will be born on 13 February.
I have five cousins now. All of them are male. So I have no female cousins. I have wanted female cousin for a long time. Finally my dream will come true. I am very happy!!
I hope next year will come earlier!!


Hello!! I!m Bob!!
Today, I introduce you about Takosen. Do you know Takosen? It is Ebisen with takoyaki like sandwiches. I met Takosen for the first time when I become university student.
It is very delicious and cheep. It only takes 100 yen!! Please try it, if you are intrested in.
I think you will be happy when you eat it.

Orchestra Concert

Hello!! I'm Bob.
I belong to orchestra club in Kansai University. And I play the violin there. I have stareted playing violin since I become university student. Playing the violin is very difficult, but very fun.
The orchestra concert of my club will be held in Meiceater in Suita city on 6 pm 15 December.
Please come and see it, if you are free!!

I made a friend

Hello!! I'm Tom.
I drank at a bar near my university with members of seminar yesterday.
At the bar, I made a friend with a foreign man.
He is from Uganda in Africa.
He speaks Japanese very well.
He talked about Uganda to us.
Japanese summer seems to be hotter than Uganda.
I was surprised to hear it, because I have an image that Africa is hot.
I think that talking with a foreigner is a chance to know about a foreign country.
I want to hear about Uganda more if I can meet him again.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I went to the regular concert

Hello!! I'm Tom.
I went to the regular concert of Kansai University symphonic band yesterday.
The regular concert was held in a symphony hall in Osaka.
My friend (She belongs to symphonic band) gave a ticket of the concert to me.
She practiced a musical instrument hard every day.
She played Oboe and English Horn by the concert.
She played very very well, and I was impressed very very much.
If I meet her tomorrow, I want to say to her "Thank you!!" and "Otsukaresama!!"